USFL Championship MVP Victor Bolden.

The USFL: Paving The Way For Athletes To Fulfill NFL Dreams

It has been a sensational offseason for the USFL so far, to say the least. The league wrapped up their inaugural season on July 3rd, with a spectacular showdown between the Birmingham Stallions and Philadelphia Stars in the Championship.

Since then, the USFL has reached some major milestones. While the league exists to provide fans across the country with more high quality football in the spring, one of their main goals is to give a platform to athletes who desire to play at the NFL level.

In the past month, they have accomplished exactly that. As of this writeup, 39 players have signed with NFL organizations. This represents more than 10% of the original 360 players that the league drafted back in February.

Excellent Scouting & Coaching

First and foremost, it is clear that the USFL featured some excellent scouts and coaches, who were able to bring in loads of talent to the league. With 10%+ of these athletes heading to the NFL, it proves that the personnel and staff did their research – and did it well.

Additionally, each coach did an incredible job of developing the players that were drafted to their respective teams. We are seeing the fruits of their labor now, as the NFL continues to call up more players every week.

Successful Scheduling & Exposure

The USFL’s current calendar is proving to be optimal for athletes, as they are able to smoothly transition over to the NFL in the later summer months. An average of one per day has signed with an NFL team, demonstrating that the USFL is continuously pushing their talent towards the NFL.

National exposure is another major factor to the athlete’s success, with broadcasts on FOX and NBC networks each week. Every player who stepped on the field this season was able to showcase their abilities to the entire country.

Not to mention, the NFL was clearly tuning in all season long. 24 of 32 teams (75%) have signed at least one USFL player. If someone wants to get tape directly in front of professional scouts and coaches, the USFL is an ideal way to accomplish just that.

Equally Distributed Talent

So far, at least three players from each United States Football League team have signed with the NFL. This is an excellent statistic, and goes to show that the talent was spread out equally across every organization, despite the difference in records.

For example, the Pittsburgh Maulers (1-9) have sent five players to the NFL already. Meanwhile, the Championship winning Birmingham Stallions pushed six into the NFL so far. This proves that their unique snake draft worked to perfection in 2022 – ensuring that every team had plenty of skill to work with.

All-USFL Representation

When it comes to player’s performances, we saw plenty of athletes put on a show. The USFL introduced their inaugural All-USFL teams at the end of the year; highlighted by QB Kyle Sloter, WR KaVontae Turpin, and DE Chris Odom.

Turpin went on to win MVP in 2022, while Odom was the Defensive Player of the Year. So far, nine of the 39 signings have been All-USFL athletes, showcasing that the USFL’s best are getting the recognition they deserve.

On top of that, these athletes are impressing coaches in training camp. Victor Bolden Jr., for instance, has been phenomenal so far in Arizona. He was an All-USFL wide receiver and returner for the Stallions this year, ultimately winning Championship MVP.

Turpin, league MVP, signed with the Dallas Cowboys. Coach Mike McCarthy has spoken very highly of Turpin, and it appears as if he will have a solid chance at making the regular season roster.

Kyle Sloter is another great example, the New Orleans Breakers All-USFL signal caller. He played in the Hall Of Fame Game for the Jacksonville Jaguars, throwing for over 100 yards and a touchdown on the night.

Final Thoughts

With each passing day, the USFL continues to solidify itself as a professional football league that presents incredible opportunities to its players, coaches, and staff. It has been a very successful first year for the organization, and the future is looking brighter than ever.

Spring football matters, and the USFL is making that evident to the entire country. Their ability to develop such a strong foundation in season one is no easy feat, yet they continue to surpass expectations.

It’s exciting to see so many athletes thriving, all because of the platform the USFL provided them with in 2022. To stay up to date on all the USFL to NFL signings, make sure to check out our official tracker.

What do you think has made the USFL so successful in 2022? Which players are you most excited to watch in the NFL? Let us know down in the comments below, or join the conversation on Discord!