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Houston Heartbreaks: Gamblers Enter Week 7 on Five-Game Skid

Lost again on the final play.

Those six words pretty much sum up the last two Houston Gamblers games to a tee.

And you could really say the last THREE games.

In all my years of watching and covering football, from the high school level to college to the pros, I’ve never seen a team lose the way the Gamblers have in their last month of matchups.

It’s ridiculous, and borderline insanity.

If you haven’t been paying attention to the United States Football League (USFL) this season, I can pretty much wrap up Houston’s last trio of showdowns by simply saying they had the lead but lost the game on the opposing team’s final play.

And the last two have been daggers, with the heartbreak sinking in with no time remaining and the Gamblers garnering another loss as Houston hasn’t won since week one.

This team could easily by 5-1.

They should at least be 4-2.

But instead, they’re in sole possession of last place in the South division.

Despite two touchdowns in the final 1:16 of the first half to give Houston a 19-14 halftime lead last week, the Gamblers still ultimately lost the game.

Same story; different week.

The skid has GOT to end; at the very least, these literal last-second losses have got to end.

Listen: Houston has a solid team, despite the 1-5 mark.

The Gamblers boast a stout secondary and a potent offense, along with a superb special teams unit.

They also have an outstanding coaching staff.

Football is called “a game of inches” for a reason.

A few inches here or there and Houston would be in first place instead of last.

But it is what it is.

Reality is Houston’s 1-5 record is far from perfect, and there are only four games left in this inaugural season.

Could the Gamblers rattle off four straight wins and end the year at 5-5, or will this awful nightmare of knockouts continue to plague this team?

Kickoff is just a day away, and I’m still looking forward to watching the game — regardless of the outcome.

Go Gamblers!